Trials And Tribulations Which A Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali In Jail For Money Laundering Is Experiencing

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Pakistani model Ayyan Ali is amazing among all the Pakistani models. She started her career as a model at the age of sixteen. She initiated modeling in 2010 and won the title of Best Female Emerging Model. She has worked with a plethora of fashion designers which include  Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Karma, Chinyere (Bareeze) and Gul Ahmed. She has also been the Brand Ambassador of Sunsilk, Ufone, Samsung, Honda and McDonalds. She was also awarded the title of Calvin Klein Beauty of the Year in 2010. She has also been a brand ambassador for the Wall’s ice cream Magnum in Pakistan. She also bagged the best female model award for 2012 at Pakistan media Awards, at one time she was ranked among the most beautiful Pakistani Female models and till date it is hard to find someone with such features on Pakistani ramps.

Ayyan Ali model’s Money Laundering Case:

Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali black dressCheck out : Fashion Model Ayyan Ali

 Ayyan Ali model was about to catch a flight EK-651 to Dubai in the early days of March when detained by the airport officials. She was apparently trying to smuggle half a million US Dollars which manifested that she had avoided paying taxes. A passenger can’t carry more than $10,000 out of the country according to the State Bank of Pakistan’s foreign policies. She was taken to Adiala jail where she enjoyed all the perks of celebdom. She enjoyed all the priveleges which only VVIPs can afford. She has been given a room of her own in the ladies barracks of the jail as well as a female helper whose duty was to clean her room and fetch her meals. She has been provided food and water from outside the jail like the other prisoners. She was no exception at this point. Her room was brimmed with a charpoy. Khalid Malik and other important people channelized all the efforts to tamper her health reports so she could be kept in a hospital for as long as she wants on the pretext of being ill. But, their all efforts went in vain.

Pakistani Model Ayyan Ali In Jail

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Custom officials informed about the details of the money recovered from her at the time of arrest. During the investigation, investigators also found out her travel history which revealed that within the past five years, she has travelled abroad 81 times. It was also cleared that she came to Islamabad from Dubai to transfer the plots and receive payments. The challan stated that she can’t possess and transport the currency without a written permission and proved her guilty according to the under the Customs Act and Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act 1947.Her plea for the bail was also rejected by the court. The banking court criticized the Pakistan Custom’s investigation for not bringing up the complete charge-sheet against the culprit. Her lawyer objected that the presented charge-sheet was incomplete and the complete crime scene has not been provided which doesn’t prove her a culprit.The Customs official asked for some time so they could collect more details about her case.

Ayyan Ali came in Pink Shalwar Kameez

At the last hearing on 24th April, Ayyan Ali came in Pink Shalwar Kameez along with Sardar Ishaq, her counsel pleaded to the court to either produce strong evidence against her or grant her bail.

Ayyan Ali in Plain White Shalwar Kameez

Ayyan Ali model  came to the court hearing in Plain White Shalwar Kameez along with her lawyer. Her lawyer thinks that the case has deliberately prolonged because they don’t have strong proofs against the suspect. They don’t want to face this reality that the charges which they have imposed on the suspect are alleged. As a result, she has been sent on a 14-day remand to Adiala Jail. Her remand has been extended till 8th May, 2015.

Lets see which twists and turns her case takes. Lets observe all the vital changes!

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