Top 5 Hot Pakistani Models

November 8, 2015 6:06 pm Written by
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The Showbiz industry of Pakistan is now considered as a well paid and highly appreciated in the world And the main reason behind its popularity is the beautiful actresses and hot Pakistani Models. Pakistan has the stunning and best look female models. Yes, our industry is enriched with beauty and style and they bring ecstasy, bliss and pleasure.

Pakistani hot models with their gorgeous faces and tremendous beauty have already grabbed the attention of the viewers. We have managed to make a list of top 5 Hot models of Pakistan who have a perfect combination of hard work and self-confidence.

Sunita Marshal:

Sunita Marshal Pakistani Top Hot Model

When I talk about the hottest model of Pakistan, Sunita Marsal is the first one who comes in my mind. She started her career with a TV ad of Garnier Fructis. Later she appeared in many ads like Head & Shoulders, Sunsilk, LUX, Jazz, Mobilink, Pantene etc. Because of her looks, beauty and talent, Sunita has been approached by all the big names of fashion industry.

Amna Ilyas:

Hot Pakistani Model Amina Ilyas

With her style, looks, talent and tremendous beauty, Amna Ilyas got fame in very young age. No doubt that Amna is of the daring and bold models of our fashion industry. Her attitude, dusky beauty and sharp features mark her as no 2 in my list. Her brilliant acting in movies ‘Zinda Bhaag’ and ‘Good Morning Karachi’ gave her more fame both in Fashion industry and Film industry. Her bold attitude and tremondous beauty helped her to got fame in a very short time period.

Nadia Hussain:

Beautiful Hot Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain

A 35-years old mother Nadia Hussain comes on no 3 in my list when I talk about the hottest Pakistani models so far. Because of her charming beauty, skills and boldness, she did not only set her feet in the fashion industry but in drama industry as well. You will be wondered after knowing that she is a practisng dentist as well. Amna has worked with several brands too.

Ayyan Ali:

hot Ayyan Ali Pakistani Model

Ayyan Ali is another big name of the fashion industry of the Pakistan. Because of her hard work, professionalism and humbleness, Ayyan rules as no 4 in my list. No doubt that she has a perfect look that helps her in grabbing the amazing audience.

Jia Ali:

Sexy Pakistani Model Jia Ali

Jia Ali can also come in the list of Hot Pakistani models, but I rank her as no 5. Although, she is pretty, she has humble nature and down to earth attitude, but she is not as famous as other models of Pakistan.

She started her career only at the age of 19 and within a short time period, she proved herself and her talent. For the ‘Wrangler‘commercial, in 1991, Jia also achieved an international praise. She has done some bold and audacious fashion shots, which were not praised by Pakistani audience so much.

So that was all about the hottest models of Pakistan. You can also go through the list of beautiful Pakistani actresses and know about their career and skills.

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