Saba Qamar Education, Wedding And Dramas List

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Born on April 5, 1984, being one of the famous personalities of Pakistan, she is this famous Pakistani model and she is this talented actress. Do you know that she has appeared in many of television dramas and advertisements! She has a sister named by Yumna. Her father died when she was very young. She played this strong role of a politician in that PTV’s super hit drama named by ” Jinaah Ke Naam”, it was opposite with Sami Khan, her drama “Tera piyar nahi bholy”, it was a romantic drama, it was opposite with Ahsan Khan- because of these serials, she gained much name and fame! She was born in a family in Gujranwala, Pakistan. She spent most of her childhood with her grandmother in the city of Gujranwala. She first appeared in that television series named by Main Aurat Hoon. She too won the PTV award as the best TV actress in the 16th Annual PTV awards; it was on 23rd July 2011.

Actress Saba Qamar Educational Background

Saba Qamar Education

She got education from one of the institutes from Gujranwala as she has spent her childhood time in this city. The star of this Saba Qamar Pakistani Actress is Aries. Her hair color and eye color is brown. Her age is 31. Her height is 1.70 m or you can say she has the height of 5 feet 7 inches. By looking at these measuremnts of her figure, we can say that she is this perfect actress that has this perfect height and looks, she has these sharp facial features which any camera wants to capture!

Dramas List Of Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar

Bunty I Love You, it was aired on Hum TV, Baimaan Mohabbat and Sannata, it was aired on ARY Digital, Miss Fire, it was aired on Geo Television in 2014. Right now, she has been filming the serial Main Manto which is directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, she is too working on untitled drama serial which is directed by Amina Khan, it is opposite with Mikaal Zulfiqar by Mastermind Productions. We too saw Saba in Dastaan, Uraan, Maat, Thakan, Pani Jaisa Piyar, Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai, Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi, Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi, Digest Writer, Noor Jehan, Sangat and Izteraab. She appeared in that telefilm Aaina. Kambakht tetelfim is still at the production stage. Her lists of comedy shows are Mamoo, Mein Aisa Kyon Hon, Two in One, Timmy G Relaoded, Miss Fire and Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain. All these are Pakistani actress Saba Qamar’s hit serials! She is just this versatile actress who can do emotional and romantic roles, she can do comical roles and hosting too, she is the dancer too! We have seen many of the times that she danced at the awards ceremonies.

Saba Qamar And “Husband Name” Wedding

Saba Qamar Education, Wedding And Dramas List 0011

She is linked with Hamza Ali Abbasi, Saba Qamer was too linked up with the maker of Hum Sab Umeed se Hai, Yes it is true! It was rumored that she and Hamza has been dating a lot, it was too in the news that they have been engaged. Though both of them look quite cute together but it is still not confirmed that whether this couple is officially engaged or not!
It was too rumoured that Qamar has hooked up with Hum Sab Umeed Se Hai maker, Dr Younus Butt. These two affairs of her have always been in news. It is yet not confirmed that with who this actress has make a commitment. None of them have verified this news and we can just make predictions that this actress will be tying the knot with this actor or with that actor, we can just make predictions! We know that at the age 31, all the fans of this beautiful actress must have been waiting that when she will be getting married? Will it be Hamza Ali Abbasi or Dr Younus Butt?

Saba Qamar Education, Wedding And Dramas List 006
If you want to check out the pictures of Saba Aamar without makeup then you can do that from this page. She is this pretty actress whose pictures should not be missed, she too looks the beautiful of all even without makeup. Do you know that Aiza and Danish wedding date Aug 8, 2014. You can check out their wedding pictures from here.
More and more pics of Saba Qamar will be shared with you so stay tuned! Right ovet here, we have shared maximum and masisve information about this actress, as soon we get to know major and important highlights about this actress regarding her personal and professional life, we will let you know! If you want to know about this A to Z detailing of some other actress then you can too do that from here. Now enjoy checking out the pictures of your favorite actress.

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