Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Eid Ul Fitar 2015

June 27, 2015 7:44 am Written by
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Eid is here, Ramadan has been started now and girls and women have almost started their Eid shopping! One more and most important thing they will be doing on this Eid and guess what, what it is! They will be choosing their mehndi design, they will be finalizing that what design will look best on their hands and all this planning will be done in the Ramadan month so that on the Chand raat, they can have these designs on their hands and feet! Here some of the latest Pakistani mehndi designs for Eid ul Fitar will be shared with you. If you think and feel that you have not shortlisted any of the henna idea for your hands and feet then we are sure that this post can help you a lot in finalizing the best design!

Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Eid 2015

Pakistani Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015

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You can have many styles in the Pakistani henna designs for Eid, you can try out those floral and flowery patterns, we have seen that these kinds of flowery touches will be best for the Eid 2015. These designs can make your hands beautiful, they can make your hands quite tempting looking.
You can too have the styles of Pakistani Eid Mehndi designs for hands in some random styling, you can make dots, you can come up with the peacocks shapes, you can come up with circle kinds of mehndi designs 2015, it does not matter that you have been going for the simple designs, they will look even pretty on you!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs for full hands

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Now, you have to come with the best mehndi designs of 2015, we have shared much of the variety with you, you have try up these designs. Do also keep in mind that you should be having darkest color of mehndi on your hands, just get the best color of mehndi on your hands and you will look the beautiful and pretty girl on this Earth!

Eid ul fitar 2015 Pakistani mehndi designs

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Pictures of beautiful designs of mehndi are put up over here,you just have to look at them and make then finalize that which one will be that exclusive design that will be on your hands on this Eid 2015! Do not forget to apply mehndi because it will be this addition of mehndi on you that can give you extra marks in terms of look and style! Enjoy these designs now!

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