Mawra Hocane Biography, Family And Dramas List

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We have many of the talented actresses in our TV and film industry that can do serious and comedy roles, that can do singing, acting and hosting, that can do these emotional and romantic roles and among them we have the name of Mawra Hocane! Yes, she has truly this potential, she has massively this spark to become a versatile actress. She is that perfect actress that got perfection in her, starting from her looks to beauty, from eyes to height, she is the perfect actress. If you want to know about the Mawra Hocane dramas lit, if you want to know about her personal life then get those updated details from here, we have been too sharing up the pictures of this actress, do check out them too! We are sure that this actress must have been the favorite of all of you!

Pakistani TV Drama Actress Mawra Hocane’s Biography

Mawra Hocane Biography

Born on September 28, 1992, Mawra has the age of 22, in the city of Karachi, started her career line as a VJ and then later on she started doing serials. Do you know that she has been getting offers for films too? Yes, it is true; she has almost signed 3 Indian films. Can you believe that this actress has taken such a huge jump by moving from VJ to a TV actress and now becoming the film actress. It is all that talent matters! We can too say that she is one of those blessed actresses who gained that much name and popularity is such a little time period. She has this god gifted talents that is why none of the drama and film makers can restrict theirselves of signing and taking her into dramas and films.

TV Actress Mawra Hocane
She completed her education from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design and too from The Institute of Legal Studies, her height is 1.70 m! Yes, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is Muslim and her religion is Islam. Mawra’s sister Urwa, she is a VJ too and an actress too! By looking at her height and slim and smart figure, we can too say that this figure has this long way to go! If at the age of 22, she can work so hard and get so much name then we can imagine that where she will be in the next 10 years!

VJ Mawra Hocane Hit Dramas List

VJ Mawra Hocane Dramas List

In 2008, she started acting and her famous serials are Mere Huzoor, Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain. Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare, Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai, Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si, Main Gunehgar Nahi- yes, all of these is exceptional serials done by Hocane! She has signed 3 Bollywood films. She has done this photoshoot from Indian Photographer and also planning to do film with Ranbir Kapoor. Do you know that it was in this serial Main Gunehgar Nahi opposite with Sami actor that she was truly praised and acknowledged as an actress. She acted in a wonderful way. Later on, she also did a serial with Adnan Siddiqui and Sarwat Gillani in which she was again praised because of her acting skills and potential. She is more prone and inclined towards emotional kind of roles that is why we see this actress in most of the time touchy and emotional kinds of roles.

Mawra Family
Now we will see that how this pretty actress will be doing in Indian films too. She has already get start with her first Indian film shooting. She has also attended the birthday bash of Ranbir Kapoor’s mother, Ranbir has too openly stated that she is the most beautiful actress and he will just love to work with her! We can say that this actress will be creating lot of spark in the Indian film world too like that of Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan.

Mawra Hocane Biography, Family And Dramas List
The above picture shows the posture of Mawra Hocane of first Bollywood movie. Well, she wore red lehenga choli. If you too want to check out the pictures of Fahad Mustafa daughter Fatima then do that from this page! Pictures of latest Gul Ahmed collection lines can also be grabbed from here so catchup these pictures from here. Yes, we will keep on be letting you know more about the latest projects of this actress. It is this good signal that Indian film makers have now been taking Pakistani actresses, it will promote our actresses. Have you checked out that latest photo shoot which this actress has carried out in India, you can check out the picture from here, she has been wearing this red lehnga choli and trulry looking the most fascinating and pretty actress! Yes, more and more exclusive updates and news will be given to you about this actress so stay tuned with us. Now enjoy these pictures and get full updates about the TV and film world of Pakistan.

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