Leisure Club Eid Collection 2012 for family

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Leisure Club which is one of the leading fashion brands of Pakistan Fashion Industry has once again launched yet another eye catching fashion collection for entire family. The New Collection 2012 by Leisure Club is titled as Leisure Club Eid Collection 2012 which is a complete collection of fashion outfits for entire family. They have introduce traditional stitching patterns of shalwar kameez for men in an innovative way and they have used vibrant colors like yellow, green and orange for these shalwar kameez which has totally redefine the fashion look of shalwar Kameez.

Eid Collection 2012 by Leisure Club for family also includes stylish fashion dresses for ladies as well, which are nicely adorned with stone work and embroidery and a touch of modern cuts has given them a chic style look. If you were thinking that this was it, then you were wrong, all these latest fashion dresses for men and women are also available for children as well.

Leisure Club Family Collection 2012 gives you the whole family an opportunity to show the unity among elders and youngsters and as the Eid is just about to knock at our door steps, women who were searching for family fashion outfits will definitely be buying these stunning fashion outfits of Leisure Club.

Let’s not waste any more time and have a nosy at these voguish outfits from Eid Collection 2012 for family by Leisure Club.


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