Indian Mehndi Designs 2013 for Girls

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The year is ending and the Fresh Indian Mehndi Design 2013 look is out for all women who love Mehndi.Mehndi the Indian temporary tattoo as many westerners call it, has many meanings and sentiments attached to it whether talk about a young girl or a girl getting married or a married woman during festivals. Mehndi has a long old tradition and even in the modern day Mehandi is well accepted by the new generation whether a girl is a Pakistani, Indian or Arabic all alike. Each year new designs and trends are adopted in all the three countries. Here is a peak into the Indian Mehndi Designs 2013 for you.

For those women who love to adorn the Mehndi on their feet, must know the new Mehndi designs for feet can be Arabic, which is cute with its floral vines running across from the toe to the ankle or maybe above in some cases. It will look great if you follow the same style for your hands as it will give a coordinated look. However, the traditional intricate floral, peacock and geometrical are still not ruled out. They are the classics and are still to dominate this year as well. Indian Mehndi Designs 2013, will retain the use of geometry, like Jaal or chess board patterns teamed with intricate lace patterns are the new Mehndi designs for feet.

In Indian Mehndi Designs 2013, for bridals the new Mehndi design for hands, include the most popular Peacock, swans and other bird patterns in combination with borders of ripples, squares as fillers. For others guests the Arabic style Mehndi patterns using flower, vines and leaves, or lotus patterns can be seen in the new Mehndi design for hands. Now that you know the trends of Indian Mehndi Designs 2013, set your design books in place accordingly.

Indian Mehndi Designs 2013 for Girls


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