How To Style With Cigarette Pants In Pakistan

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We do have seen the fashion trends of shalwars, we do have seen the trends of patiala shalwars, we have seen the fashion of trousers, bell bottoms, churidaar pajamas and other kinds of bottoms but do you know that what is the current fashion these days? If you do not know that then let us tell you that it is these cigarette pants. Now we have the latest fashion of cigarette pants Pakistan and it is all liked by al the girls in each and every city of Pakistan. By looking at these pants, you might get this feeling that whether they will be comfortable or not, whether they will suit on you or not, whether they will compliment with your shirts or not then yes, these pants will suit on you! Untill and unless you will not try them how can you came to know that they are best for you, here we will let you know about lots of the styling ways that you can do with these pants, check out the below further written details:

Cigarette Pants Fashion In Pakistan

It is a fact that the styling and trend of these kinds of pants in Pakistan have been getting high and high, people have left the trend and fashion of wearing shalwars, bell bottoms, and churidaar pajamas and now they have been opting the trend of these pants. If you want to know that with what kinds of shirts, you can wear up these pants then we will let you know about those detailed facts, you can also see the pictures too in which you will better know about the styling of cigarette pants in Pakistan.

Style Shorts Shirts With Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants

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If you have wear up the short size shirt then do not for gor the tights and churidaa pajamas with these kinds of shirts, if you want to follow the latest trend then you can fuse these shirts with these pants. It was seen that the cigarette pants in Karachi rapidly gained the attention, it was from this Karachi city that thsi fashion got the hype and then it was later on transferred to the other parts of the cities of Pakistan. We can say that the trend of Cigarette Pants Pakistan will never be faded now and you can learn different ideas of how to style yourself with these trendy cigarette pants.

How To Style Cigarette Pants With Anarkali Frocks

Cigarette Pants 2015

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Yes, gone are those days now when we used to fuse up the anarkali dresses with churidara pajamas and also with the shalwars, we have now been seeing this shifting fashion now and now these anarkali dresses look much better and sober with these pants too. Even if you have been wearing the fancy, even if you have been wearing the simple kind of frock, you should be wearing these pants with these dresses, it is these straight cut pants that will better enhance the look of any of your dress. You might have seen in Karachi that each after the other girl has been wearing these cigarette style pants, why is it so? Because through these pants, they get the trendy and modern look and they also feel theirselves quite and rather updated.

Medium Shirts With Cigarette Trousers

How To Style With Cigarette Pants In Pakistan 003

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If we move on with the long size and also with the medium size shirts styling, if you have been wearing these long shirts designs then we can suggest you that you will look much cool and beautiful if you will be combining up these shirts with these cigarette style pants. If you are out for the casual event, be it any other kind of formal gathering, be it the lunch or dinner at your place, it is that single kind of bottom wear that can suit on you. Be it any season, if you are out for the formal functions then do not think of wearing shalwars or churidaar pajamas, you should be considering these pants for sure. If you will look at the latest lawn collections 2015, if you will look at the latest Eid collections then you have noticed that almost all the designers have opted for these pants, they have fuse up all of their Eid shirts with thes pants because this fusion further enhance the look of their collection lines.
All the pictures of these cigarette pants with these shirts have been shared with you, they look much appealing, you should try out this styling right now, it will suit on you for sure! If some more of the styling ways will come across by us then we will also be sharing with you. It is time to have a change in your dressing, just take a break from bell bottoms and churidaar pajamas and try out these pants, you will love them and you will then like to fuse them with each of your shirt!

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