How To Stay Beautiful In Winter Season

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Winter is the coldest, attractive, romantic and yet the most beautiful season of the year. This is a season, when most of us plan for holidays with friends and family as the days are long and nights are short of this season.

Although the freezing winter seems beautiful but it comes up with a number of skin issues and hairy dry as well. Staying beautiful in winter season is seriously a big issue.

We have managed to gather few tips that can give you the answer of the question, “how to stay beautiful in the winter season?”

1: Use Chemical free soaps and moisturizers:

Winter Beauty Tips

Extreme dryness in our skin is common in the winter season. To avoid such dryness, you can use an oil-based moisturizer instead of waters based moisturizers. Oil based moisturizer actually protects your skin from dryness and retains smoothness. Use this moisturizers several times in a day to get better results.

You should also avoid chemical based substances in the winter season to stay beautiful.

2: Use Luke warm water:

Winter Tips

Most of the people use hot water in the winter season but this hot bath may lead to loss moisture of our skin and makes your skin dry. In order to avoid this issue, you should use lukewarm water instead of hot water. When you are rubbing soap on your body, rub it slowly instead of rubbing hard.

3: Use gloves to avoid hands’ dryness:

Dryness of hands is also common in the winter season. As the skin of our hands has the thinnest layer and fewer oil glands, it needs our more attention. So, to avoid this dryness and hands’ itching, wear gloves while going out all the time in the winter season.

4: Use soft cloth in place of towel:

If you use towel in the winter season, it makes your skin drier. To make your skin soft and smooth, you should use a soft cloth instead of towel. This simple tip keeps your skin smooth for a long time and helps you in staying beautiful in winter season.

5: Milk Bath:

Milk bath is another way to keep your skin smooth, soft and beautiful in the winter season. Just add one cup of dry milk, ne tsp almond oil and 9 to 10 drops of orange juice in the water and then take bath. Only 5 minutes bath will be enough to get effective results.

6: Get rid of dandruff and split ends:

Like your skin, it is quite difficult to manage the frizzy, and dry texture of the hair in the winter season. Dandruff is so common in the winter season which causes due to the dryness of the scalp. You can try hot oil and lemon therapy to get rid of dandruff. Try this therapy once in a week. Just like dandruff, split ends of hairs due to the dry weather are also common. To get rid of this problem, cover your hair every time you go outside in the freezy winters. You can also use olive use to protect your scalp.

7: Makeup tips:

Even during the winter season, every woman wants to look herself as beautiful as in the summers. But, due to the dry weather, it becomes difficult for the women to wear makeup at the special occasions.

So if you want to maintain your beauty in the winter season as well, use creamy liquid foundation, warmer eye shades and blush on and colorless lip gloss. They will give you a smooth look.

They were the few beauty tips that you can easily apply in the winter season.

Enjoy winters !!

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