How To Remove Dark Circles Around Eyes

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Remove dark circles around eyes just in a while!

Dark circles around eyes are the problem of every one. They are common in both either men or women. The main reasons of having dark circles lack of sleep, stress, hormonal changes and many others.  Everyone has a question, “How to remove dark circles around eyes?”

Although there are various chemical products that can remove dark circles instantly but people with sensitive skins may have issues with these products. So here are a few simple tips that can give you the answer of the question, “How to remove dark circles around eyes?”

1: Usage of Tomato

Remove Dark Circles with Tomato

You can use tomatoes to get rid of dark circles around your eyes. As tomatoes contain bleaching properties, it will be more useful for everyone.  Tomatoes have a tendency that can easily lighten your skin to a great extent.

There is a simple usage of tomatoes that can be easily applied around your eyes. You just have to mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with one-half teaspoon of lemon juice. Later, apply this mixture gently on the dark circles. After that wait for10 minutes and then remove it off with water. This remedy can followed twice a day until you get satisfied with your dark circles.

2: Almond Oil

Almond Oil to remove Dark circles

If you want a delicate skin around your eyes and do not want dark circles anymore so you can use almond oil which is great natural ingredient. By applying this oil regularly, you can fade your under eye circles. Vitamin E oil can also be used to get rid of this severe issue.

The method to apply almond oil is easy and simple. Apply a little almond oil over the dark circles, before going to bed and wash it with cold water, the next morning. Within few days, you will find a gentle, smooth and dark circles free skin around your eyes.

3: Tea bags but cold one:

Homemade Tips to remove dark circles with tea bags

You must have not heard about this tip before regarding the removal of dark circles around your eyes. This is really a simple technique that can you can apply around your eyes. Soak a tea bag in water and place it in the refrigerator, make it chill, after that put them on your eyes.

If you want effective results, use this remedy on a regular basis.

4: Having cold milk:

Easy way to remove dark circles

An instant way to get rid of dark circles is the usage of cold milk. Cold milk is beneficial both for eyes and skin. Except drinking cold milk, you can apply it around your eyes as well with a cotton ball. You just have to take a cotton ball, after placing it in a bowl of cold milk, apply the cotton ball around your eyes and keep it on eyes for a while, then wash it with water.

Yoga on Daily Basis:

Yoga for dark circles

Research claimed that stress is one of the main reasons to have dark circles under your eyes. This can be termed as hectic lifestyles as well; this is a signal that your mind is asking for some relaxation. And yoga is the best practice ever to decrease your dark circles. Yoga also calms your mind and body but you need to do it on daily basis in the morning to get effective results.

These are the few simple tips than you give you the answer of the question, “How to remove dark circles around eyes?”

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