Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin

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As well all know that healthy diet gives us healthy skin, so those of you who have still not added fruits and vegetables in their daily diet must add them if they want they want to live healthy and have a healthy skin. So to help out our fans, today we are sharing with youHomemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin which is ranked among the best homemade remedies of all times. This homemade beauty tip takes full advantage of various natural ingredients and you do not need to apply any sticky paste on your facial skin, this time around this Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin requires you drink, so do try this homemade beauty tip and you will be very glad to see the results.

Let’s have a look at the recipe for Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin.

One cup almonds

A bowl full of papaya strawberry

One banana

Cinnamon Power, this ingredient is optional

Coconut Milk or plain water

1tbs organic oil, this ingredient is also optional

1tsp Honey

2 or 3 strands of saffron

few ice cubes

first of all, take few almonds two or three and then soak them. After soaking, blanch them. In next step take 2 or 3 strands of saffron and soak them in one tablespoon of hot water so that all the aroma and color of saffron is released.Now take a blender and put all these naturally enriched ingredient in it and blend them nicely and Walla your Homemade Glowing Skin Smoothie is ready for serving.

This Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin is one of the best in the market as all the ingredients which include banana, almonds, papaya, strawberry, coconut milk, honey and saffron has great advantage for our health as well as for our skin.

So do try this delicious Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin and do not forget to share your views.


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