Get Healthy Shiny Hair in Summer

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Shinny Hair in Hot Summer:

In spring and summer one want to show-off his/her skin and shiny hairs, but due to hot and humid environment during this phase it is very difficult to preserve your look and due to this unique weather condition, hair care products also fails to keep your hairs shining. During this month sweating causes loss of water in your body which results in hair problems. Here we have some of the most easy and homemade remedies for you, if you want to have healthy and shiny hairs during spring and summer.

Oil Massage:

One of the most basic and easily doable tips is to give an oil massage to your hair three days a week. The best choice would be to use Olive Oil for your hair massage. One more thing that we would like to add from our personal experience would be to add Olive Oil with your shampoo and then wash you hairs. In this mixture olive oil would work as a conditioner for you hairs and thus would make you hair healthy and shinny.


One of the most important tip that we suggest that would be to choose a shampoo which contain ingredients like protein, jojoba and olive oil because these would make your hair healthy and shinny and one more thing that we would like to mention here would be to do not choose a shampoo that contains sulfate, the reason behind it would blow away natural oils from you shinny hair and make them dry.

Blow Drying:

This is a common mistake which is made by most of the young boys and girls and they use hair dryer more then it is required and thus this extreme use of hair dryer will make your hair dull and weak. So we would suggest you all to try to avoid use of hair dryer as possible and if it necessary to use hair dryer then try to use it a low heat to minimize damage caused by hair dryer.


Instant Shine:

One of the most effective home made remedy for instant shine of your hairs would be to use a mixture of ΒΌ cup of vinegar with a cup of water. Then gently massage your hair with this mixture and wash your hairs. This mixture will remove dirt from your hairs and also would make your hair shinny.

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