Fia Khan Pakistani Model Profile and Showbiz Career

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Sofia khan is one of the best Pakistani super models also known as Fia khan. She is not only a super model of Pakistan modeling industry but also a versatile actress and host. Fia khan spends her childhood in Lahore. Fia khan is a model with guts and spirit to continue her life as a model. She was very close to her mother and to choose modeling as a profession her mother support her lot said by fia in one of her interview. She is intelligent lady, versatile actress, beautiful model and a great mother also.

Fia Khan Personal Life and Showbiz Career:

Model Fia khan is not that type of super models who loved to share their personal life to get in controversy for fame. Well, as you know that media is so smart that they find out everything about the models, starts easily. So, here is her personal data that we are going to share with you.

  • Full Name: Sofia Khan
  • Nick Name: Fia Khan
  • Birth Date: 29 December 1981
  • Birth Place: Pakistan, Lahore
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.8
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Status: Married
  • Hobbies: Horse riding, swimming, Dancing

Professional life Of Fia Khan:

Fia khan is not only a beautiful model but also a versatile actress and host. Currently she hosts 360 style TV shows. She had done 5 TV serials and 6 to 7 TV commercials. She got married at age 20. So, she unable to concentrate in her professional career after she got married but now she is back with the same spirit and confidence. Well, if we flash back and discuss her professional career then it was really a super model of her time. She had done a lot of fashion shows with many famous fashion designers such as Nomi Ansari,Nelofer Shahid Kamiar Rokni, and Amar Belal. Fia khan carries bridal dresses very beautifully and confidently according to fashion designers she worked with. She also shows her acting skill in TV telefilms such as “Chal dil mere”. She is also a great host and shows here hosting talent in TV shows named as “Switch on with fia” telecast on A-Lite TV channel.


Fia khan said in one of her interview that to choose showbiz is her best decision ever and she was very happy and satisfy and also planning to continue modeling and also concentrate on acting as well. Following are the question that is answered by fia khan very smartly in one of her interview.

What is the best feature in you that keeps to unique among the all other models?

Well, I think it’s not a feature that makes you attractive and unique among all other models. Actually it’s a complete personality that makes you stand different among all other models.

What was the best compliment, you received from the judges while ram walk?

She is Gorgeous.

Describe “FIA” in three words?

  1. Fast
  2. Intelligent
  3. Attractive

Share 5 things with us that people don’t know about you?

  1. I’m great cook
  2. I had done waitress job for 4 years
  3. I’m morning person, wake up at 6am daily
  4. Tom and Jerry is still my favorite cartoon. I still watch it.

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