Classic Highlights for Brown Hair

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Saying brown is the new black is definitely not cliché; brown like black has become a blank canvas to paint on and just like black hair, you can also easily vamp up your brow hair wide range of highlights, the thing however with the colour brown is that its own different shades match each other. Here are some of our preferred classic brown colour highlights for brown hair.

Dark Brown Hair:

Lighter shades of brown such as caramel and honey blonde are classic with dark brown hair. Your dark brown hair gets brigther with these mixes. As always ensure your colour combination matches your skin tone and perhaps highlight the colour of your eyes.

Eva Mendes mixes caramel highlights on thin strands of her dark brown hair. Eva Mendez has tried the option of spreading it over her hair equally and did not place any heavy amounts of highlights in a particular hair section.

Giuliana Rancic has deep caramel highlights combined with her dark brown hair. This enhances both her skin tone and eye colour.
If you are thinking about blonde highlights for dark brown hair, I would say you can also try Honey Blonde?

Honey Blonde highlights sizzle like wild fire in your hair. We love  Lea Michele’s hair arrangement. Honey blonde can be intense therefore get a good stylist to avoid ending up looking like a phoenix rebirth.

Miley Cyrus has her whole head aflame with large sections of her hair highlighted in honey blonde. If this is too risky for you, try to dip-dye your dark brown as opposed to highlighting your hair from the roots.

Khloe Kardashian is a dip dye lover and pulls of this dark brown honey blonde hair arrangement flawlessly.Other blonde highlights in dark brown hair ideas include Platinum Blonde.

Platinum blonde is not one of the usual highlights for brown hair and we love how Beyonce chose to focus the highlight on the top of her hair and use the base of hair as peek a boo dark brown highlights. As well as matching her skin, the arrangement also fits her makeup.

Light Brown Hair:

There are many options that Hair highlights for light brown hair one can use easily one of them include, shade of brown that you can use lower than your hair colour or slightly higher depending on your hair arrangement.

J.lo depicts this by combining her light brown hair with a darker brown hidden highlight. J.lo has also tried my personal favourite strips of blonde in her locks as well. You cannot imagine that the ideas that you can try and play with highlights for brown hair. You must however ensure your hair is laid properly.

Queen of light brown hair colour with highlights; Jennifer Aniston arranges her classic light brown hair with small strand portions of platinum blonde, honey blonde and dark brown. It’s always a win with these classic highlights for brown hair colours.

You can also highlight your brown hair with various shades of red, violet and other non-browns. If you are interested in getting highlight for brown hair look the classic way, we would say time is person and you must try any of these highlights without any fear.

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