Black Diamond Rings for Engagement

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The wedding season is already here and the prospective brides and grooms are looking for that perfect ring to mark their engagement. If you have been thinking of a typical white diamond ring it is probably classic but the new trend is all about going for the beautiful well crafted black diamond  rings for engagement. The trend is catching up fast and here are a few reasons why you should also go for it.

Black Diamond Rings for Engagement

Black is classic, rich and gives that sophisticated look and at the same time enhances the hands of the wearer much more than the other rings. These finely cut black diamond rings for engagement have excellent shimmer and shine just like any other clear diamond. One of the reasons for investing it Black diamond rings is probably the price; it will not cost you much as compared to other diamond rings. The ladies who have already tried them could not resist buying the black diamond jewellery.

Buy them for their uniqueness

Black Diamond jewellery is surely for those who want to look unique and try a new look. They look completely out of the box and unique. The black diamond rings will definitely make you stand out and make your engagement look and feel extremely special. There is no other way to gift a perfectly cut Black diamond engagement ring to show your partner what a unique person she is.

Rare and inexpensive

The black diamond jewellery is not fake as many people might think or less superior than the famous white diamonds. These rich diamonds are very rare too, and also sold in carats. These are originally found in Brazil, Australia and Venezuela. The Black diamond rings look glamorous and can be worn with a wide variety of dressing styles and occasions too.

Wide variety to choose from

Like other diamond jewellery, Black diamond jewellery is also available in a variety of settings. Especially talking about the Engagement Rings, you will find them set in silver, yellow gold and platinum too. You could choose from single black diamond engagement rings or go for rings with multiple diamonds set it one, in a row or in a certain pattern. You will also find rings with a mix of black and a lighter shade of black and white diamond too. These designs are unique and definitely a must have for all ladies who are sophisticated.

More prominent than other rings

The engagement ring is certainly a ring which most women like to flaunt and other ladies love to see too. When wearing a black diamond ring one doesn’t need to show off at all, it will be noticed anyhow, such is the beauty of owning a black diamond ring for engagement. The designs are so beautiful and they shine so sophisticated that it is bound to make many jealous.

The trend that is set by celebrities – Carmen Electra Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black diamond rings for engagement is being widely opted by celebrities and no doubts they wear them first and set the uncommon trends and others get the idea how they appear when worn during such grand occasion of a lifetime. There are movies and in real life you can see when celebrities have used black diamond engagement rings. The design and the beauty of a black diamond is such that it blends in perfectly with any other stone or pearl jewellery you like, making it easier to wear it with any outfit and any occasion.

There are several speculative stories prevailing around the world regarding this beautiful stone, but having clear background knowledge and spending time in understanding if your loved one also agrees with your thinking is very important. Considering the fact that you are planning to gift the beautiful black diamond ring for your engagement make sure that she and her family do not have any kind of preconceived notions about wearing them on such occasion. Once agreed it will certainly be more motivating to select the best design for your special girl.

There are several negative and equally or more positive feedbacks or beliefs of wearing a black diamond. While some say it was discovered in Portugal in late 1800s and some say it is the result of a big asteroid crash on earth which is believed to have occurred many million years ago. Other theories suggest that black diamond is formed within the earth and surfaced only after a volcanic eruption. While Indians might consider it cursed, but Italians consider it as a lucky stone for couples, which is believed to bring them great fortune and everlasting love and looked upon as the stones of reconciliation which has the power to heal a broken relationship.

No matter what the beliefs are once you and your loved one has agreed to go for one thing is assured that she will look stunning in that beautiful black diamond ring and the event will be full of great memories for the years to come.

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