Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain Biography

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If you were searching for Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain Biography, then you have stopped just at the right place as we are sharing with you all the information that is available related to this shinning super star of Pakistan.

Nadia Hussain is super model of Pakistan, popular TV Actress, hugely followed TV host, Dentist by qualification and above all mother of two kids. Pakistani fashion industry is full of super stars and it would be right to say that Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain is one of the ever rising stars of this industry who has earned great fame for herself and Pakistan throughout the world. She is practicing dentistry and considers modeling and any other showbiz activity as her second profession because she believes that modeling is a very short term career so she gives more importance to her qualified profession.

Pakistani Fashion Model Nadia Hussain is married to Aif Khan who is a stockbroker and enjoying a happy life with her husband and two kids. She has a very versatile personality and do her work with great passion. When it comes to showbiz world, she is a perfect model in all respects, she has a height of 5’10” and when you match it with her killer smile and gorgeous looks, it becomes really hard to find any one competing her. She also belongs to a star studded family as well; Tina Sani a renowned Pakistani singer is her aunt.

Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain has been seen in many fashion shoots but among all the categories, she feels and looks super gorgeous in bridal shoots and has earned great reputation in this fashion category as well. This reputation has earned her many awards, one of them includes ‘Bridal Asia” award in India.

We are sharing with you Nadia Hussain Pictures below, browse through these mesmerizing pictures of various photo shoots and fashion shows and see for yourself that Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain in real posses killer look.

Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain Biography

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