Nomi Ansari Party Wear Dresses at Pakistan Fashion Week 3

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Nomi Ansari Party Wear Dresses at Pakistan Fashion Week 3, was out of the league dressing ever seen by people were extremely well projected in the fresh styles for this winter. The collection was showcased in London recently during the prestigious Pakistan Fashion Week show where most of the well known designers’ hand dictated the trends of fashion 2013.

Nomi Ansary Party Wear Dresses presented in the Pakistan Fashion Week in London were retro and had lots of feminine elements like layering of soft fabrics. The collection is Monochromatic with digitally printed fabrics and embellished using interesting embroideries and Banarasi borders at the hems.  The necklines were relaxed and comfortable.

The Nomi Ansari Part Wear Dresses  have  a remarkable balance between warm and cool colors, while the color Blue and its shades rules the entire collection as it was the prominent attraction in most of the dresses in the collection presented for fashion 2013 by Nomi Ansari. While the monochromatic retro gowns in one off shoulder and bustier top showed Nomi Ansari’s great sense of western wear, the traditional blue and white combinations with intricate fine embroidery works for men and women dresses reflected the traditional and rich design sense of Nomi Ansari. Overall you can say that Nomi Ansari Party Wear dresses are rich and elegant can be worn on maximum occasions in winter. Especially the Men’ dress in Blue white combination, extra long yoke designs over self dotted white fabric teamed with Jamewar Shawl with fringed hems is a perfect dress for the day as well as evening parties.

Nomi Ansari Party wear dresses at Pakistan Fashion week 3 is one of the many occasions when people could view Nomi Ansari’s dresses for girls and boys. The designs for boys and the Dresses for girls both are rich, fresh and comfortable. These designs have been well thought and created to reflect modern cuts with traditional perspective.

Nomi Ansari Party Wear Dresses at Pakistan Fashion Week 3

Nomi Ansari Party Dresses at Pakistan Fashion Week London

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