Pakistani Model and Actress Noor

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Pakistani Model and Actress Noor, is one of the rare personalities, who could make a successful come back after a break, as a successful Model. During her successful modeling career Noor, had appeared in many TV commercials. With the success of TV commercials especially with top brands like  “Dalda”, “Sultan”, and the most famous “Bio Amla Hair Oil” this beautiful gal made it to the top of a modeling career. She has appeared in a few movies too.

This Pakistani Model and Actress Noor touched millions of hearts, with her lively presence in fashion shows, TV commercials and even Movies.  Finally when she made a comeback to the Pakistani entertainment industry it appeared as if she never left it, she started everything gracefully from where she had left, to quickly catch up with the new and the old trends.  Pakistani Model and Actress Noor has a lively on screen presence as ever, nothing had changed in her enthusiasm at works. This professional attitude was appreciated and welcomed by all media’s in Pakistan and very soon work offers started pouring in once again for her.

Pakistani Fashion Model Noor most versatile actress and model of this time with high experience in handling all types of media. Pakistani Model and actress Noor is blessed with many other talents too, apart from being a top model, movie actress she is also a very talented dancer. Pakistani Fashion Model Noor is an expert in acting, modeling and dancing talents can be seen in music videos and movies.  One of the successful Music videos was done for her home music video, “ Dholna” of Jawad Ahmed.

Pakistani Model and Actress Noor is a highly determined and one of the very few self motivated people who kept professional and personal lives separate. Pakistani Fashion Model Noor enjoys her works and works diligently.

Pakistani Model and Actress Noor


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