Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar

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From being the very first woman to introduce the “Boutique” culture in India, Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar has gained immense love and respect from the people all over the country in the fashion market. Working for nearly three decades, Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar has been a unique name of choice for fashion. She is associated with some of the most exquisite garments and clothes in quality materials like leather, silk and cotton. Ritu Kumar 2012 collection brings you some of the great outfits that will illuminate your overall personality.

With the growing awareness among people regarding the fashion in the country, Indian fashion 2012 is not limited to the conventional range of clothes. So, Ritu Kumar and her team of hard working designers are working day and night to bring the style statement of clothes at a higher level. Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar is leaving no stone unturned in going an extra mile to please the fashion lovers with her designer clothes.  Ritu Kumar 2012 outfits are all full of vivid colors and designs with a lot of innovative art work at places. Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar has been involved in different wardrobes such as casual wears, formal clothes, traditional ones, evening wear, swimwear, and many others. Ritu Kumar 2012 wardrobe collection is something to watch out for, especially for those looking for some real interesting trend setting clothes. Indian fashion 2012 is high on style and Ritu Kumar’s designer outfits are just to match the trend perfectly. Today Ritu Kumar holds twelve outlets in almost all the major cities in the India, which shows how popular she is in the country. She is a trusted name and a brand to rely on. Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar is a style icon and a source of inspiration for many in the fashion industry.

Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar

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